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Rotary Dream
1st album

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1. desktop caffeine
2. lightcourt
3. sienna feat. nitsua
4. natsuka feat. piana
5. bekko
6. ephemeral
7. letters for yuka feat. nitsua
8. kids on the slope feat. nitsua
9. to fade away
10. to the melting snow... (rotary dream remix)
11. evening electronic
12. the sound of the sea, where you will find me feat. enonimu (kayoko t.)
13. hypericum feat. piana

Produced, composed, played & loved by sonsofu
Track 10 | original recording (ryoondo-tea DES036) composed, arranged by Coupie. remix additional recording by sonsofu
Track 12 | guitar, sound design and originally produced by kayoko t. of no11room & enonimu

Executive produced by nitsua
Mixed and Mastered by nitsua and mindfieldsound
Artwork by Saori Yamada

release coming soon 2017
2017 visioneternal

Sienna feat. nitsua (single)


Produced, composed, played & loved by sonsofu
Executive produced by nitsua
Mixed and Mastered by nitsua and mindfieldsound
Photograph by Takuya Horiguchi

release 10.04.2017
2017 visioneternal

Sienna music video

a collection of memories and longings of the past

music sometimes puts us in an ethereal state
where we are focused on the sound, the music dividing our surroundings and muting them for a moment for a carefully orchestrated notation

across the setting sun, the wind a little erratic.
her eyes reflecting the riverside iridescence from the melting sky.
the separation of language, these two worlds feel so far away
yet at the same time i felt that i could reach out to the other side in this moment.
there was much to be said, but figured it was better to leave it as so. regardless of the silence, i was reminded of life's greatest illusion: love.
i was at peace. i listened. images in succession revolving endlessly like a record, this is my dream in an endless rotation and it will go on forever.

listen, and find your way.

thank you nitsua for giving me this chance, i remember when we first shared words for a project i had and it completely turning into something else that i will always remember. you believed in me and my sound; you listened, so thank you. this is only the beginning.